MVP: Rebel Scum Issue 4


The 102nd, storm Dantooine Rebel base, While the Interdictor suffers major damage and is forced to leave the system abandoning the ground forces, the 102nd attempt to take out the Shield Generator. With the generator down they vacate their AT-AT in time for bombers to take it out… Suddenly call for assistance on the main battle front as the Commander is taken out by bombers… DK-911 takes off to assist. While The rest attempt to storm the Rebel base from the shield generator rear entrance… Lord Torai detects  a disturbance in the force and finds his lost brother and his brothers daughter Mai. Mai makes her escape in a blue X-wing and Calum attempts to face off against Torai… Sensing his crack team are in severe trouble he withdraws promising his brother that they will meet again…  A sniper attempts to take out DK-S55 and DK-390 take off into the woods to hunt the rebel sniper down… Meanwhile a Rebel Rodiam races off on a bike with DK-945 in hot pursuit.  While DK-117 and DK-808 help DK-S55 take out rebel troops. DK-808 mercilessly burns them all with his plasma flamer..

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: GOFFICK

2nd Place: SPIKE

3rd Place: TORAI

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