MVP: Rebel Scum Issue 3


The 102nd, after extracting valuable intel from Cara Wade, sweep through the rebel mountain stronghold and chase them to a clearing where the rebels board a freighter and escape. Giving chase in an assault shuttle the 102nd Board the freighter and engage the rebels… Whilst a or battle ensues between the Interdictor and the sudden appearance of a rebel fleet. Capturing the rebel leader Hathen Bane and the renegade Imperial Delegate, Governor Kaine. The 102nd return to the Arachnid to interrogate the prisoners.

Tori receives transmission from the Emperor telling him to proceed to Dantooine and crush the rebels and discover the truth this White Star…

DK-945 speak to Governor Kaine, her father who warns her about chasing White Star. He says that his contact with the rebels warned him of a weapon the rebels have.

DK- S55 speaks to Imperial Intelligence and reports in stating that he is getting closer to some answers… But DKS55 is unable to get close to any of the prisoners to ask questions as they were too closely guarded.

DK-390 speaks to his wife over an encrypted channel. She says that she is following leads about a weapon that could bring a mysterious weapon.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: CHAD

2nd Place: HREFN

3rd Place: NOQUARTER

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