MVP: Pathfinder: Rise of the RuneLords Issue 3

After helping the town of Sandpoint repel a goblin attack they are soon asked to investigate the tomb of the last priest of the church, venturing into the tomb they soon discover the coffin empty and 2 skeletons roaming the tomb, they are quickly dispatched with by the group and they find that goblins in the attack have taken away the remains of the priest but for what end is left to be found out. They try to track them down but soon lose there tracks in the near by forest, they venture back into town and find out that there are 5 goblin tribes in the region and they do not work together at all, they piece together that someone or something has joined the 5 tribes and that the skeletons where placed there by a robe that they found in the tomb. They rested up for the night and the following day was invited by the noble called Foxglove to a boar hunt, the Party needed to kill time as they awaited the return of a Elf ranger so they agreed, Foxglove took more of a interest in the lady’s of the party and was eager to get to know them more so Corvika who did not like the attention she was getting. They soon find a boar and dispatch it and take it back to the Rusty Dragon Inn where they are staying and Clay is asked by a pretty local girl if he can help her with a rat problem at her fathers shop which he agrees to do but the girl is chased off by Nerilka when she say she will help also, maybe Clay would have been dealing with more than rats we shall soon find out.

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: HREFN

3rd Place: DAN

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