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MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 5

Albert Potter could only watch as the heroes battle hard against the winged lizards at the entrance to their cave. All the time, the screams of a frightened Jossie potter echoed. Under the command of Major Mongomery, they were a machine of death! One by one, the lizards fell and they were victorious.

Wasting no time, they rushed to the pit where Josie had been dumped, amongst the carrion of previous prey.

She was not alone…

An old prospector, he died in the arms of Volodar and after searching his belongings, they discovered his tale. He and his companions were digging in the ruins of Misty Dale after a valuable treasure.

Now the party has access to the maps and the location of this treasure. Albert was grateful for the rescue of his wife and agreed to fund their expedition if they chose to venture out in search of Misty Dale once they reached Nestor.

Who won the sessions MVP?

1st Place: WOADAN



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