MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 4

The Brave heroes battled long and hard to protect the wagons once more from the winged monstrosities that wish to feast upon our bones…

But, they were successful in protecting the wagons and most of the horses.

However, the attack did not go by without its fair share of casualties. Most noted was that of Mrs Potter who was stolen away by the winged beasts!

Now, Mr Potter was not exactly a combatant, but he was not going to stand by and let his wife suffer some hellish fate. So he put together a Posse and went out after her.

Following the direction the beasts flew in, they found some mutilated remains from a horse, all fresh and the splash marks said it fell from the sky.. now, they made an educated guess and climbed a nearby valley into the rocky hills…

That’s where they found the beast’s lair… but there was a host of ’em… and the Posse was not quiet about their approach! All hell broke loose…

1st Place: EUSI

2nd Place: WOADAN


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