MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 2

The brave decided to head out and seek a cure for our Wagon Master Hank Murphy, who took a nasty wound from the battle. But before they did, Albert & Jossie potter asked them to return Jossie’s necklace that the pale riders took.

Agreeing to the task for a sum of 500 Marks, not something to be scoffed at, they rode out…

As evening drew in they descended into Moon Dale to seek it’s magical healing well. Only to find those Elvish Savages waiting in the fog… A bloody battle ensued, and the savages were dealt with.

The posse were split in the dcision of going after the pale riders for Mrs Potters necklace or to return, but the good Major talked reason into them all and returned with the waters they did….

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NoQUARTER

2nd Place: SILVER


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