MVP: Once Upon a Steam -Session 1

We were all part of a colonial wagon train heading South through the Lands of Peridor towards the Mining Territories of Shalna, either as passengers of noblemen, dancers, gamblers, prospectors, steam inventor, doctor or as one of the painted ladies, a saloon girl. A mix of races…Or as a Bounty Hunter or hired gunslinger to protect the wagons.

All was going well as we were a few days out of Nestor travelling the prairies of Peridor when we heared a mighty rucuss, the haunting horns of the Pale Riders as the dead rode their rotten horses down the slopes towards our Wagons! That’s when we came to know those we will never forget, they stood out and faced them to help protect those who could not protect themselves…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: WOADAN

2nd Place: EUSI


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