MVP: NWN2 LoR Online 20th Feb 2018

The heroes return from the Goblins Island to find Krendal having troubles of their own with Goblins.  But also they learn of the disappear of a child., Beran. The son of a miner who met a grisly end.

Following clues they search the wilderness and find the boy hidden in a bush near the Marsh.

Beran tells a tale of a hooded man who he saw looking through his belongings one night and followed them to see ere they went.


Returning Beran to Town the adventures then returned to the Marsh and finding themselves fighting cultists. Following the tracks they discovered the cultists cave. Slaying the cultists they left to return to Town to inform the guard.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: THRIN

2nd Place: EUSI

3rd Place: RICH

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