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MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 16

Finding the lower levels of the temple submerged and below water, they swim their way through tunnels and are attacked once more by a great white shark.

They notice that the temple has strange murals and markings about its walls showing a race come from the stars and then a civil war breaking out.

Finally arriving at the centre of the temple, they discover the crown of the four seas and retrieve it. Bursting into the room an Atlantean High Priest twisted with madness attacks them, thinking that they are V’sori. They dispatch the High Priest with ease and make away at haste.

Finding the swarm has started to consume the Katharan patrol, Void, manages to teleport the group back to the teleportation device to return to their lair by the docks…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: WOADAN

2nd Place: MFOGG

3RD Place: RICH

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