MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 14

Locating a new base of operations in an abandeoned industrial estate by the docks, the Omega Cell recevies their next assignment…

They hed to the Farmer’s Market to barter trade with an underworld crime boos called ‘Willy the fish’

While waiting for contact at the rendevous a cloack atlantean half breed bumps ito them. Felon cons the man out of his ancient Atlantean Amulate.

eventually they meet up with Hardcore who takes them to see Willy.

On meeting Willy they learn he is a Protean they build a good rapor and the trade is made.

At that point the V’asori ouyr in bursting in through the roof and Willy holds them off hwile the team make their escape…

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: WOADAN & RICH

3RD Place: NONE

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