MVP: Necessary Evil 2- Issue 10

After receiving a coded message from Dr Destruction. The team make plans to raid a police station where their target is being held.

After a quick recon trip, they see it is heavily guarded.

Felon impersonates a police officer and infiltrates the station. Seeing an old friend and sympathiser to their cause. He subdues alone ‘Fin’ Guard with the help of the officers and then takes on its form.

infiltrating deeper Felon sees that the interior of the station is heavily guarded too. He calls for a distraction…

Jetstream 3 creates a tornado and sets off alarms etc in the street that bring out the Police …

Void blows up the Fin ship outside that takes out the side of the police station and everything descends into chaos!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH & WOADAN

2nd Place: MFOGG


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