MVP: Lord of the Rings Episode 7

As part of this years, Challenge CORE series the GMD VIP Members requested a series of games from their favorite settings.
The latest of these is Lord of the Rings. So following on from a Middle Earth adventure I ran for them a few years back the part return as members of the Company of Culthain a band of rangers who hunt the enemy across the North Western Middle Earth.

This is a Campaign Playtest series with the following cast:

The Cast


Ranged (Actor: Silvereagle)

Race: Elf

Skilled Archer.

Brief Background:

Who longs to be reunited with her lover Nina another member of the company who set off with Culthain ahead of the group.

Corvus (Corchmor)

Ranged (Actor: TPK)

Race: Human

Trackers, archer, and skilled warrior

Brief Background:

Related to Culthain the head of the company.


Agitator (Actor: Rich)

Race: Human

Wilderness Survivalist and Falconer

Brief Background:

foul-tempered loner, the lost bastard son of Lord Mirendel.


Scrapper (Actor: Eusi)

Race: Dwarf

Dual axe-wielding warrior.

Brief Background:

Who lost his family to Morg the Dwarf Killer.


Scrapper (Actor: Waracolyte)

Race: Elf

Skilled Herbalist, and warrior.

Brief Background:

Good friends of Lofar who also is a tracker for the company, but has travelled ahead of the party with Culthaines band.

Ulf Iyrgison

Defender (Actor: Woadan)

Race: Human

A mighty great axe weilding warrior.

Brief Background:

Cousin of Eanfled Amrodan

As they started to follow the ghostly white hart through the woods the sound of orc horns echoed throughout the valley. Appearing on the edge of the hills a pack of Warg Riders appeared. On sight of the company, they started to race towards the group!

As the group started to prepare itself for combat, more and more Warg Riders poured over the hillside, soon 5 became 10, and ten became 20 and before their eyes over 30 Warg Riders were racing across the valley towards them.

They turned and ran as fast as they could through the snow!

Here We tested the All-New Pursuit Rules!

We found that the Pursuit rules were exciting and allowed for ackowledging who was at what distance to enemy. Also the Enemy were broken down into groups to prevent overwhelming the party.

Weaving between the trees clumps of snow and ice fell from above, but the sound of horns had set off a small avalanche from the nearby hillside. Barely escaping the snow as it exploded through the forest, only Ailen and Karell were swept off their feet momentarily… The Orcs were not so lucky many struggled to close the gap on their quarry and began to fall behind due to the avalanche.

Bursting out of the woods the party raced across a snow-covered field towards the hillside, still following the ghostly white hart. Running through the deep snow was tough going, Ailen, Karell and Ronin began to fall behind, while Tinuviel bounded ahead unhindered. The Warg Riders burst out of the woods and continued their pursuit! One group closing in the stragglers nipping at their backs.

Arriving at the hillside they came to a snow-covered cliff face and began to climb. Ulf was dragged from the cliff by a warg and landed heavily at the base, Jumping to his feet, he swung his axe killing two! Giving him enough time to climb the cliffs. From atop the Cliff, Tinuviel began to shoot the rides with her bow and soon Corvus joined her and together managed to dispatch the riders on their heels. The party escaped, but only just…

Following the White Hart through a narrow causeway that twisted and turned and branched in a mazelike formation, they soon exited into a secluded valley, surrounded by a huge waterfall sounding like thunder and at its base a large lake…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH



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