MVP: Lord of the Rings Episode 6

As part of this years, Challenge CORE series the GMD VIP Members requested a series of games from their favorite settings.
The latest of these is Lord of the Rings. So following on from a Middle Earth adventure I ran for them a few years back the part return as members of the Company of Culthain a band of rangers who hunt the enemy across the North Western Middle Earth.

This is a Campaign Playtest series with the following cast:

The Cast


Ranged (Actor: Silvereagle)

Race: Elf

Skilled Archer.

Brief Background:

Who longs to be reunited with her lover Nina another member of the company who set off with Culthain ahead of the group.

Corvus (Corchmor)

Ranged (Actor: TPK)

Race: Human

Trackers, archer, and skilled warrior

Brief Background:

Related to Culthain the head of the company.


Agitator (Actor: Rich)

Race: Human

Wilderness Survivalist and Falconer

Brief Background:

foul-tempered loner, the lost bastard son of Lord Mirendel.


Scrapper (Actor: Eusi)

Race: Dwarf

Dual axe-wielding warrior.

Brief Background:

Who lost his family to Morg the Dwarf Killer.


Scrapper (Actor: Waracolyte)

Race: Elf

Skilled Herbalist, and warrior.

Brief Background:

Good friends of Lofar who also is a tracker for the company, but has traveled ahead of the party with Culthaines band.

Ulf Iyrgison

Defender (Actor: Woadan)

Race: Human

A mighty great axe weilding warrior.

Brief Background:

Cousin of Eanfled Amrodan

After dealing with a pack of wolves the fellowship continued their journey closer to the Misty Mountains and stopped to marvel at their snow-covered peaks. Several of the company felt inspired by the sight while others did not take comfort, as they were frozen to the bone in the wind.

Before long they came to a cliff face to climb down. Using a rope they descended, a few fell but were lucky with a soft landing of deep snow, bruised shoulders, egos, and minor injuries.

Climbing Rules & Falling Rules tested

I was pleased with the new Climbing and Falling rules. No deaths luckily but certainly a coupl eof players suffered injuries. Since then though I have added a new step to the rules which allow players to save themselves or each other before they fall and take falling damage. No doubt we will get to test them soon during another climb along the way!

Continuing their journey the next day a heavy fog descended into the valley they were traversing. Among the fog, Wargs could be heard and shadows roamed. The Company of Culthaine readied itself for action, severing the rope they tied themselves together with to prevent them from becoming separated in the dense fog.

The Warg riders charged! But several of the scout group got lost in the fog and were unable to locate the battle that echoed throughout the valley!

Charging Rules

Youch! Ulf took a full brunt of a charge which sent him flying and if it was not for a timely use of a Hero Level, we may have been close to loosing the companies Defender! I was pleased with the outcome of the mounted rules and they proved quite the challenge to the party.

Dispatching the Warg riders the company pushed on, hastening their pace. Hearing the wolf scouts howling all around them. Eventually, the Irvine came to a dead end, an Avalanche blocking the way. That is when Ranger noticed an Elk half buried. The company investigated and found that the Elks hind quarters were shattered. Ranged gave the Elk a merciful death.

As they were about to leave a ghostly white hart appeared in a nearby wood watching them, turning it started to go deeper into the woods…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: EUSI

2nd Place: RICH


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