MVP: Lord of the Rings Episode 5

As part of this years, Challenge CORE series the GMD VIP Members requested a series of games from their favorite settings.
The latest of these is Lord of the Rings. So following on from a Middle Earth adventure I ran for them a few years back the part return as members of the Company of Culthain a band of rangers who hunt the enemy across the North Western Middle Earth.

This is a Campaign Playtest series with the following cast:

The Cast


Ranged (Actor: Silvereagle)

Race: Elf

Skilled Archer.

Brief Background:

Who longs to be reunited with her lover Nina another member of the company who set off with Culthain ahead of the group.

Corvus (Corchmor)

Ranged (Actor: TPK)

Race: Human

Trackers, archer, and skilled warrior

Brief Background:

Related to Culthain the head of the company.


Agitator (Actor: Rich)

Race: Human

Wilderness Survivalist and Falconer

Brief Background:

foul-tempered loner, the lost bastard son of Lord Mirendel.


Scrapper (Actor: Eusi)

Race: Dwarf

Dual axe-wielding warrior.

Brief Background:

Who lost his family to Morg the Dwarf Killer.


Scrapper (Actor: Waracolyte)

Race: Elf

Skilled Herbalist, and warrior.

Brief Background:

Good friends of Lofar who also is a tracker for the company, but has traveled ahead of the party with Culthaines band.

Ulf Iyrgison

Defender (Actor: Woadan)

Race: Human

A mighty great axe weilding warrior.

Brief Background:

Cousin of Eanfled Amrodan

Lord Elrond bestowed a gift of elven clocks to keep them warm during their travels to Gul-Geldon Falls during the harsh winter that has fallen across the Western Regions of the Misty Mountains.

Leaving Rivendel and heading Eastward they followed the valley trail towards Guyl-Geldon. Karell led the way assisted by Ailen to navigate across the stark white landscape that has hidden everything from view.

Descending into a steep valley, Ronins, Ulf and Lofar tumble down landing in a heap. After the company gathers themselves Karell speaks of his brother Dilothanor and how he hopes no harm has come to him. Ranger enquired about Dilothanor and learns that he was a dabbler in the arcane arts, this fill his heart with dread. Stating that ‘If a wizard cannot face this evil, what hope do we have?’ Karell says ‘That is because they did not have the star of Algaline’

Harassed by icy winds they seek a place to rest for the night. They come across a ruined farmhouse. Discovering a battle that was fought here long ago, they find the bodies of a hunter and his son laying amongst many goblins.

Searching the house, they find a fine sword of dwarvish craft, etched with the words Drakk Zhan ‘Dragon Fang’, Ronin says that it is a mighty dwarven blade and wonders why it is in the hands of a man. They take the portrait of the family with them so that they can do some research into their history and learn more about the blade.

They decide they will rest in the woods and Ulf’s and Tinuviel’s souls are heavy with sorrow something evil on the wind seems to speak to them… But the reverie is broken as they leave the house and spend a cold night in the shelter of the woods, hounded by Wolf cries.

The next day the Company marched through the valley and again wolf cries echoed, watching as two wolves seemed to watch them and then race off into the distance before they were assaulted by a whole pack!

Clever Use of Dodge Specialisation

I was particularly impressed with the way the Defender Ulf, used his dodge specialisation to maneuver the enemy so that the party could take advantage of the enemies Blind Spot gainaing an extra Targets Hindrance Dice to their Dice Pool!

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: EUSI


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