MVP: LoR – The Raven Claw Wand – Part 9

The Cast


Enhancer (Actor: GMD Sarah)

Shae-Du Darian Enhancer, Priestess of Lysamachae Shae-du Goddess who sacrificed herself in the protection of the Shae-Du Darians home.


Defender (Actor: Rich)

Hērōs, Seeker of forgiveness from the gods.


Tactician (Actor: Loonabay)

Shae-Du, Captain of the Guard of Avalae.


Agitator (Actor: Eusi)

Gyrn, Not right in the head.


Ranged (Actor: Timothar)

Laōs, Bastard son of King Titos of Elarsa.


Scrapper (Actor: Byron)

Laōs, a childhood friend and guardian of Sylvarius.

On orders of the King, Belindor returns to Avalae to warn the Shae-Du-Darians of the Blight spreading through the Kornathos. Before he goes, he gives his enchanted bow and cloak to Sylvarius.

The party follows Obrios Southwards following the Saurataurs that they believe took their allies.

Hiding from a Sarataur scouting party they then sneak through Southern Koranthos towards the Saurataur camp. Amazed to see the size of eth army amassing here. Obrios points out they need to warn King Tristantos. Sylvarius and Adendocles scout the perimeter and locate Illiapia and Polydectes strung up in a fenced-off prison with two more Shae-Du and a Minotaur.

Just as Sylvarius was about to sneak across to the prison, another army marched into the camp comprising of Kriotaurs (horned goatlike-Beastmen, spawn of the Zodiakos God Krios). The party witnessed an uneasy alliance, held together by dark-robed man. The Sauratuars leader, Cozzakor, and the Kriotaur leader Demok joined the dark robe man in the command tent to discuss matters of war.

Sylvarius sneaks back to the group to warn them while Adendoclese sneaks close to the tent to listen… He hears them discussing destroying the Shad-Du at Aeon-Dūl. They are working for a woman called Elektera who has Asteros under her control and will be marching on the Shae-Du at Avalae. Dorphidion, the name of the dark-robed man tells the leaders not to worry he will send the hunters to retrieve the Raven Claw wand!

When Adendocles returns the party makes a plan and prepare to execute it!

Our 2-hour game session then ended unit next time!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: TYMOTHAR

2nd Place: BYRON

3RD Place: RICH

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