MVP: LoR – The Raven Claw Wand – Part 6

The Cast


Enhancer (Actor: GMD Sarah)

Shae-Du Darian Enhancer, Priestess of Lysamachae Shae-du Goddess who sacrificed herself in the protection of the Shae-Du Darians home.


Defender (Actor: Rich)

Hērōs, Seeker of forgiveness from the gods.


Tactician (Actor: Loonabay)

Shae-Du, Captain of the Guard of Avalae.


Agitator (Actor: Eusi)

Gyrn, Not right in the head.


Ranged (Actor: Timothar)

Laōs, Bastard son of King Titos of Elarsa.


Scrapper (Actor: Byron)

Laōs, a childhood friend and guardian of Sylvarius.

After coming into possession of the Raven Claw Wand, the party venture across the mystical lands of Koranthos, Home of the Shae-Du…

Sylvarius seeks out Belindor to guide them through the heart of Koranthos towards Mount Brontes. But Illiapia wants to go with him. Instructing Mithras to inform the Queen that she wishes to sneak off with them, Illiapia is escorted back to the palace, heartbroken.

Belindor, a silent, often moody guide escorts them from Avalae and deeper into the heart of the Forest. Heading Southwards Belindor guides the party towards the Valley of Nyxties.

Marveling at the beauty of the Shae-Du Darians territory they travel deeper and deeper into the woods until barely any light penetrates the tall trees. The area is bathed in natural blue, purple glows from plants they have never seen before. Belindor aids them to avoid the more deadly species of the forest.

Over the days that pass, slowly the woods darken, become more sickly… Belindor explains it is the Blight that is spreading from the old Mountains of Oros Daria, the fallen home of the Shae-Du Darians.

Attacked by a gigantic Corrupted Tree the party manages to defeat it, much to Belindor’s sadness. He informs the group that the Blight has twisted and killed all that cross its path.

As they approach the fringes of Nyxties a wailing comes from the woods all around them and a horde of Blighted Shae-Du race towards them!

Our 2-hour game session then ended unit next time!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: GMD SARAH

2nd Place: LOONABAY

3RD Place: EUSI

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