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MVP: LoR – The Raven Claw Wand -Part 3

Continuing their journey across the southern regions of Elarsa and into the forest kingdom of Koranthos, home of the Shae-Du. The heroes soon find the ruins of Kelos. As Danae is about to place the RavenClaw wand into the Moon-lit pool Sylvarius spots a dark shape lurking nearby in the bushes, within the ruins. 

They soon discover an old Stygian (Bird-folk) called Polydectes, who tells his tale. He was waiting for Glyke to bring him his daughter Demitira, who had been transformed into a wand by the Sorcerer Nemnon. 

After informing Poldectes that they possess the wand and of Glykes demise, Danae steps forward and places the wand into the pool. 

The ghost-like image of the Stygian Oracle, Demitria manifests before them. She tells her tale that Nemnon was using her to locate the Atesor Stones, which are located on the Isle of Pandora. Where or how to locate the Isle she kept as a guarded secret. She then agreed to assist the party if they rescue her and free her from the wand. She instructed them to take the Wand to the tallest peak of the Brontes Mountains and seek Aukalas. 

Then bursting into the ruins from the first armed men dressed in dark garb raced towards the group, shouting ‘Retrieve the wand! Kill the Shae-du!’ Accompanying the darkly clad men were Elarsan Troops from Asteros! A battle ensued…

Varos fell, but Adendocles one o fthe Elarsans was an ally of Sylvarius and came to their aid, running they raced through the forest. The Elarsans hot on their tails…

The party soon managed to lose their pursuers and head towards Avalae. But they had ventured into the huntnig grounds of the Koranthasaurs…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: TIMOTHAR

2nd Place: BYRON


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