MVP: LoR – The Raven Claw Wand – Part 13

The Cast


Enhancer (Actor: GMD Sarah)

Shae-Du Darian Enhancer, Priestess of Lysamachae Shae-du Goddess who sacrificed herself in the protection of the Shae-Du Darians home.


Defender (Actor: Rich)

Hērōs, Seeker of forgiveness from the gods.


Tactician (Actor: Loonabay)

Shae-Du, Captain of the Guard of Avalae.


Agitator (Actor: Eusi)

Gyrn, Not right in the head.


Ranged (Actor: Timothar)

Laōs, Bastard son of King Titos of Elarsa.


Scrapper (Actor: Byron)

Laōs, a childhood friend and guardian of Sylvarius.

The party fought its way through the Saurataurs to King Tristantos. The king ordered them to take the Shae-Du to safety and use the moon gate to get to Sanctuary.

From the walls, they saw Adendocles in the city ruins signaling for them a way through to safety. The party then started to sneak out of the tower and into the city, leading the Shae-Du through the ruins. Narrowly missed patrols, but eventually, they made their way to the moon caves.

Just as the last of the Shae passed through the portal Sarataurs poured into the cave after them… The party raced through the portal and tore down the exit but not in time to stop a few of the Saurataurs from making it through.

After a quick battle silenced fille the cave leaving the party with the surviving and frightened Shae-Du

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: Loonabay

2nd Place: RICH

3RD Place: EUSI

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