MVP: LoR – The Raven Claw Wand -Part 1

Arriving in Asteros in Southern Eastern Elarsa, the party visit the market to spend their hard-earned Cash. Looking over the exotic wares of the traders, Mithras purchases some Notos fruit, just as the bells toll…

Panicked everyone looks to the sea for raiders, but a wave of relief washes across the market when nothing is to be seen.

Listening to the idle gossip he party learn that the bel most likely signifies the Hoplites will be searching from someone. Sylvarius fears that the Shae-Du Darians in the group will be discovered and crucified with the rest of their kind along the Elasrsan roads and ushers everyone to leave the market. Just as Hoplites start to appear forcing hoods to be removed and searching people.

Racing from, the market and into the side alleys, hoping to avoid attention, the party bump into a woman who collapses with an arrow in her back. A parcel rolls from her grasp at Mithras’s feet, the woman mutters save her… save her… Kelos… and dies.

Amara recognises the word Kelos as a Shae-Du ruins in the Kornanthos Forest near Bagka. Evander recognises the girl as Gyke, a past lover of his.

Mithras unwraps the parcel and finds a wand with a raven claw handle inside.

Then, Hoplites appear at the entrance to the alley, demanding they remove their hoods and looking for a wand.

The party engage in a battle with the hoplites, killing them and agree to leave Asteros immediately.

Clambering over the walls they race out into the hills of Asteros, where they decide what to do…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: LOONABAY

3RD Place: EUSI

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