MVP: LoR – Prisoners of Peridor Episode 20

LoR: Prisoners of Peridor – A rag-tag team of heroes thrown together after slavers stole them from their homes from across the world. Destined to become fodder in the games at Delos, they escaped and now wander the lands of Peridor in an attempt to survive.

This is a Campaign Playtest series with the following cast:

The Cast


Scrapper(Actor: GMD Sarah)

Race: Small Folk

Skilled in Investigation and fighting!

Brief Background:

A hero from the kingdom of Rune was taken while sleeping off a hard day!


Enhancer (Actor: DDMusicGeek)

Race: Saurataur

Spell caster/ healer.

Brief Background:

Son of the King of Razz was fighting to protect his people against slavers but was captured instead.

Peanut & Nog

Defender/Scrapper(Actor: Peanut)

Race: Small Folk/Gyrn

Peanut is skilled in bossing the Nog about to do her dirty work!

Brief Background:

Her family was eaten by sharks while swimming in the Drakan Sea, she was taken while grieving their loss. Became close friends with Nog, who took it upon himself to protect her.


Ranged(Actor: Eusi Toa)

Race: Stygian


Brief Background:

Ambushed by slavers, Ortox was taken while out hunting for his family.


Tactican (Actor: Alex)

Race: Nanos

Not exactly the bravest, or skilled at getting his dagger/axe bloodied, but he knows how to carry the treasure!

Brief Background:

His tribe was raided by slavers, they fought bravely but to an inevitable end, he believes he is the sole survivor.


Agitator (Actor: Loonabay)

Race: Small Folk

Short temper, and thrower of harsh mean words!

Brief Background:

Ambushed by slavers, Ortox was taken while out hunting for his family.

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package. I want to say thank you to all Members for believing in and supporting GMD Online.

The group have decided to look for gear to kit themselves out before overthrowing the slavers of Delos. Their plan has taken them south in Peridor to the Docks of Nestor. Hearing rumours, from a man who was washed up on shore, of the Red Army amassing by the fire mountain out on the Fire Island. He begged them to rescue his sister Aria. Accepting his quest, they hired a boat and sailed to the island.

Battling a host of Goblins and Orcs they have ventured deep into the dungeons of Fire Mountain. They have managed to rescue Aria and meet Sarizor who seeks to kill the leader of the Red Army. Joining forces they ventured through the dungeons.

After marvelling at the minerals glowing in the black rock formations, and avoiding some suspicious rooms believed to be traps, our heroes, came across an underground river. A raft lay nearby as did a rickety bridge. Splitting up (As that is always a great idea!) Popi and Squizz took the bridge while, Aria, Peanut and Razzze took the raft. Ortox decided to fly across.

Halfway across the raft became animated and Aria, Peanut and Razzze all fell into the river! But it wasn’t long until Popi and Squizz joined them as the bridge collapsed.

They saw a large crocodile racing across the river towards them!

Peanut and Razzze made it to shore, but Aria struggled with the crocodile gaining on her!

Popi managed to climb back onto the bridge and scurry back to shore while Ortox, rescued Squizz flying her to safety.

With a precision toss of her dagger, Popi landed an Olympian throw! straight through the Crocodile’s eye, it thrashed and disappeared beneath the surface not to be seen again!

Dripping wet, they decided to come up with another plan to get across…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: Peanut & GMD Sarah

2nd Place: Loonabay

3RD Place: Eusi Toa

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