MVP: LoR – Centaurs 2020

Returning home to find their village burning, they discover the Eldar Kiron being attacked by Elarsan Soldiers.

Defeating the soldiers they are sent by Kiron to return their people the Elarsans have taken as prisoners.

Following the tracks, they arrive at the Kallidian Canyon a large force of soldiers escorting their village folk through the narrow canyon.

Setting to work the Centaurs caused an avalanche on top of the main Elarsan force and then charged down to free the prisoners.

Defeating the Elarsan Guards the Centaurs return to the village with a prisoner. Kiron takes the prisoner to a nearby cave for ‘Interrogating’ to learn why the Elarsans have ventured so deep into the Koranthos and attacked their village.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: GMDSARAH

2nd Place: TYMOTHAR

3RD Place: HREFN

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