MVP: Bedlam Issue 2 – Nightmare Part 1 [16th AUG 2017]

The team witnessed friends and colleagues at work suffer from the effects of a new drug to hit the streets. Wanting answers the team did some leg work.

Learning that they had got the drug from a dealer in central park.

Heading to the park they watch the dealer Puk before trying to get him to talk.. The dealer ran through the streets and over roof tops in an attempt to get away. But the team soon caught up with him and interrogated him for answers.

Learning that Puk gets the drugs from a pick up point from a guy called Djibril who works for the Witch Doctor. Puk tells the team that he meets with Djibril by the garages down at the bottom of Harrison Avenue and he knows that Djibril hangs out at a den on 5th avenue off of Elmore Place.

The Team prepare to confront Djibril and learn who this Witch Doctor is!

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: EUSI

3rd Place: KOKOPELLI

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