MVP: GAU Episode 6

G.A.U – Gods Amongst Us: The heroes wake up in a Government Augmentation Unit Facility which is part of the GAU Corporation. Armed gunmen attempting to kill them at every turn! They have no memory of who they were, only knowing who they are, but who will they become?

Watch this space as we play through this short 2-3 session adventure with the following cast:

The Cast


Agitator (Actor: Woadan)


  • Absorption
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Nullification

Mac Makenzie

Scrapper (Actor: Rich)


  • Super Strength
  • Supoer Toughness

Phantom Fist

Scrapper (Actor: SilverEagle)


  • Teleportation
  • Martial Artist
  • Multi-Actions


Enhancer (Actor: Waracolyte)


  • Teleportation
  • Water Creaton/Manipulation
  • Healing
  • Telempathy
  • Telepathy


Scrapper (Actor: Byron)


  • Chameleon
  • Poisonous, stretching tounge
  • Wall Crawling
  • Dark Vision
  • Toughskin


Agitator (Actor: GMDSarah)


  • Weather Control
  • Ice Blast
  • Flight
  • Forcefield

Indira The Indomitable

Defender (Actor: Sophie)


  • Armour
  • Density Control
  • Entangle (gravity)
  • Growth

Laser Lady

Ranged (Actor: Loonabay)


  • Laser Blasts
  • Flight & Speed
  • Light Manipulation
  • Light Creation

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package.

Two groups have been joined together so that the G.A.U Campaign continues in once-a-month sessions…

After waking up in a lab that was under attack by terrorists. Two groups unite in their attempt to find out who they are and what their purpose is!
Escaping the mountain lair of a G.A.U facility they have learned that G.A.U is a corporation that owns the city of Cape Town in South Africa.

The Heroes continue to battle the large force of Anti-Abomination League troopers, Power Trooper, and Helicopters sent out to destroy the ‘freaks’ that have escaped their attack. Laser Lady lets out an almighty beam of laser from her eyes as she takes up position in the middle of the ruined part of the city. The beam forces one of the helicopters to swerve into the path of Indira! Indira grows from 5′ to 30′ in height, bringing the attention of most of the troopers as she grabs hold of the helicopter and wants to eat the pilot…

Wait! What?!

Yep eat the pilot… after some friendly GM advice… Sends it spinning into a nearby building.

Stepping in to protect her allies, Blizzard sends ice bolts keeping troopers at bay. While Mac Makensie stops forwards ripping a lamp post out of the ground and starts swatting the Helicopters as if they were annoying gnats!

Meanwhile, Sirona teleports, Kratos and Phantom Fist into a helicopter where between them they remove the occupants and take control. Sirona and Kratos begin to open fire on the AAL Troops on the ground.

Umwabu scales a wall blending in with his surroundings and lashes out with his poisonous tongue…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: SOPHIE

2nd Place: GMDSARAH

3RD Place: RICH

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