MVP: GAU Episode 10 & 11

G.A.U – Gods Amongst Us: The heroes wake up in a Government Augmentation Unit Facility which is part of the GAU Corporation. Armed gunmen attempting to kill them at every turn! They have no memory of who they were, only knowing who they are, but who will they become?

Watch this space as we play through this short 2-3 session adventure with the following cast:

The Cast


Agitator (Actor: Woadan)


  • Absorption
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Nullification

Mac Makenzie

Scrapper (Actor: Rich)


  • Super Strength
  • Supoer Toughness

Phantom Fist

Scrapper (Actor: SilverEagle)


  • Teleportation
  • Martial Artist
  • Multi-Actions


Enhancer (Actor: Waracolyte)


  • Teleportation
  • Water Creaton/Manipulation
  • Healing
  • Telempathy
  • Telepathy


Scrapper (Actor: Byron)


  • Chameleon
  • Poisonous, stretching tounge
  • Wall Crawling
  • Dark Vision
  • Toughskin


Agitator (Actor: GMDSarah)


  • Weather Control
  • Ice Blast
  • Flight
  • Forcefield

Indira The Indomitable

Defender (Actor: Sophie)


  • Armour
  • Density Control
  • Entangle (gravity)
  • Growth

Laser Lady

Ranged (Actor: Loonabay)


  • Laser Blasts
  • Flight & Speed
  • Light Manipulation
  • Light Creation

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package.

Two groups have been joined together so that the G.A.U Campaign continues in once-a-month sessions…

Climbing out of the sewers the heroes are met with a band of back alley rockers ready to give them a performance they will not forget in a hurry!

A mighty super-powered battle ensued!

We had to set up the characters for Pegasus Engine as they were originally built with CORE RPG v1.0. Took a little while to set up the interface and readjust all the powers etc… But I wanted to fully test the new power rules including knockbacks!

Was a great opertunity!

Once the heroes were set, initiative was rolled and heroes and villains started to power up!

Indira Grew to collassal heights! Attempting to step on members of the Rock Show!

Serona attempted to drown AC/DC but he managed to escape her clutches before suffering too much damage!

Phanton Fist sent the Rock flying with a thunderous punch! While Chain swang across the alley and tried to attack Serona, wrapping her in chains, but with a quick teleportation, Serona was free…

Mac Makenzie activating all his damaging perks lined up for a battering ram, run against the Rock show, but he was too slow, Prism used his Painful sounds to deny Makensize any bonus dice!

Laser Lady sent a blast towards Prism who reflected it harmlessly away. Blizzard flew into the air and engaged Hellfire in a battle of fire and ice!

Kratos leapt into the middle of the frey absorbing knientic energy and sending out in an almighty blast. AC/DC surrounded himself in a sonic forcefield and sent out a shockwave of sonic energy but the heroes managed to dodge out of the way.

Seeing Makenzie suffering at the sounds of scrapping glass from Prism, teleported behind him and sucker punched him… sending his through 2 .. 2 walls!! But Prism only just survived!

The battle went on like this with heroes and villains alike being sent flying, until the heroes were finally triumphant!

Leaving the alley, a police officer on a motorbike pulle dup beside them, Introducing himself as Officer ThunderBolt ‘Hi citizens, I have had a report of a distrubance in the area, have you heard anything?’…

What player won MVP? Read on…

Episode 10 MVP:


2nd Place: SARAH


Episode 11 MVP


2nd Place: WOADAN

3RD Place: RICH

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