MVP: Erinyes Issue 3 – Fall of Talos


Bursting through the doors the Rinyes off against Kalos & Irythion, high ranking cultists. Hoping to extract valuable information about the Titan they summoned to destroy Elarsa. Arachnae and Kalos with a past of love and hate, she uses this to extract the information on how to defeat the Titan. Meanwhile the Erinyes take on the mighty Irythion and the cultists.

Eurtyus recognizing both Kalos and Irythion as the murderers of his family seeks revenge for what they did! Captain Olympos recognizes Irythion as the man that stole the Celestial Serum

Once the Erinyes defeat the Cult of Echidna they race back to Valaganos where Talos is stomping his way to defeat the Elarsan defense force that has been put up in an attempt to stop the Titan.

The Erinyes make short work releasing the life force through several valves dotted about his body…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NOQUARTER

2nd Place: RICH

3rd Place: CHAD

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