MVP: Erinyes Issue 2- Cult of Echidna


The Erinyes continue their hopeless battle against the Titanic Bronzed Titan Talos. The team combine all their might to manage a glancing blow from it’s impenetrable armour. They do however manage, with the help of Autonomon’s Iron Legion,  to trip Talos over. Giving them time to come up with a solution. Arachnae guides the team to Megarom Drakon [The Dragon Citadel] High up on Oros Boreous. The team sneak up to the Cult of Echidna’s hideout with the plan to interrogate Kalos, the cells leader, in the hope he will reveal how to destroy the beast.

They sneak through the ruins of the Megaron and into it’s deep halls to find the cultists arguing over their next move, Irythion stating that they should have let Talos head straight to Elarsa itself rather than test it on the Nearby Town of Valaganos.

The team burst in as Irythion and Kalos are arguing… At first Kalos is love struck at the sight of Arachnae once more… But then the full fury of the Erinyes is let loose as Euryus recognises the murderers of his wife and son…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: NOQUARTER


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