MVP: Erinyes Issue 1- Talos


All new Campaign started! Erinyes! A team of individual with remarkable abilities…

Eurtyus: Master Bowman
Autonomon: Daedalus inventor flying in a bronzed ICARUS MK1 Suit
Thumos: Dr Banos who has incredible anger issues and transforms into a beast of brutal strength and resilience.
Cpt. Olympos: A mortal man who undergone an experimental treatment to create godlike hoplites. Uses a shield to attack and defend with.
Brontes: God of thunder and wields Steropes the lightning bolt of Zeus.
Arachne: Brought up in a dark cult as a master assassin, now looking for redemption.

The Erinyes, hunting for the Celestial Serum stolen from Autonomons lab. Find themselves in the Polis of Valaganos in the North of Elarsa. But only to find it being torn to ruins by a beast that resembled Thumos… Fighting Abominos the team defeat the beast and find an amulet on him, Arachnae informs them that the symbol on it belongs to the cult of Echidna.

She says the old Cults fortress is in the Northern Mountains and leads them to it. En route they come across a Bronzed Titan Talos stomping his way across the lands towards the cities of Elarsa.

The Erinyes engage with the colossal Titan, and seem to be fighting a loosing battle…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: NOQUARTER

3rd Place: CHAD

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