MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 8


The Dragons wrath has sent a shock wave of anguish throughout the keep, family watching family die before their eyes, the heroes watching friends and allies perish. Death and destruction everywhere… long enough for the raiders to break in through the sally port. The Keeps guard engage in a ferocious battle led by Castalan, who asks the heroes to secure the sally port. The heroes battle their way to the secure the room. Defeating the raiders there. They soon secure it and Varis hunts down Wendis a young magic-user, finding her in the infirmary with burnt and broken legs, but she is willing to help, but he has to carry her to the group through the battle ensuing throughout the Keep…

The heroes are then assaulted by the raiders who are attempting to retreat after their failed assault on the keep.

Then the half-dragon champion with a hand full of prisoners… Challenges a hero of the keep for the lives of the prisoners… Beorn rushes out to face the Raiders Champion. A mighty battle ensues, and the raiders leave .. stepping over the fallen Beorn, his blood filling the streets.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: LIONHEART


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