MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 14

Resting up and recovering in Greenest before they head out to gather more intel about the cave and where the towns goods and people are. The heroes complete a few personal tasks, Beorn engages with the only surviving Dwarf, Maris,  in town. Killius, starts by looking for Medis to share spells with but ends up being pulled pillar to post as political struggles grow in town. Councillor Daryl promises land for a tower to be built for Killius if her returns news of his daughter. He also speak in private to Leovan and says he knows someone who could use his expertise. Silvermoon helps Eadyan Falconmoon with the sick, They notice a plague is starting to spread about the town!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH



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