MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 12


Silvermoon captured and strung up next to Leosin the Monk. Beorn keep a close eye on the elf, watches as Killius is approached by Cyanwrath.  To everyones relief the Halfdragon does not recognize the Gnome and orders him to janitor duty to clean out Fondaths tent. Killius searches for clues within the tent while working closely with a couple of other cultists. Gathering some valuable intel, he join Varis and plan an escape. It is agreed at dark they will break Silvermoon free and escape the Raiders camp and head back to Greenest.

Sneaking through the camp BEorn, Leovan, Silvermoon and the injured Leosin climb a small animal track to the top of the cliffs and race back to Greenest. Killius and Varius make their way back a different way … they all hear the sounds of alarm horns blasting in the distance which spurs them onwards to Greenest faster.

Returning to Greenest they meet with Governour Nighhill who is keen to hear of their progress. He is disappointed in the little amount of towns loot recovered and the lack of information about the prisoners taken.

He rewards them for the information they bring back about the cult. Nighthill then visits his half brother Varis to talk about their Father.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: KOKOPELLI

3rd Place: LIONHEART

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