MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 11


Varis wakes with a pain in his head covered in foliage. Finding a sack of loot beside him and a arrow made of stones pointing towards a track that heads off into a valley. As he is about to follow he hears a muffled cry from the forest behind him. Investigating he finds a Kobold tied to a tree and gagged, Killing the Kobold he follows the trail and catches up with his companions.

A Storm breaks and the the top of the cliffs become shrouded in misty rain reducing visibility greatly… Deciding to sneak past the ambushers waiting for anyone to pass through the canyon below. One by one they slip past. Moran leads them to the Raiders camp. The storm passes just as they start their way down a hidden trail into the camp. Moran keeps close to Killius, while the group split up and start to ask questions. Varis joins a group of Mercs celebrating their successful raid of Greenest. Learning that they have been raiding villages all over the region, amassing large quantities of loot.

Leoven looks about the camp counting numbers. While Killius and Beorn learn more about the raid and composition of the raiders. Silvermoon gives her cover away and is dragged before the camps sergeant in charge, after stating that she refers metallic dragons over chromatic to cult members. Silvermon is dragged off and tied up beside a half-elf that appears half beaten to an inch of his life.

Beorn starts to devise a rescue plan while most of the group head towards Silvermoon’s location. But as Killius walks across the camp towards Silvermoon a Large Half Dragon steps out of the Cave, Cyanwrath! Who looked straight at Killius and calls out to him shouting .. You!

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: EUSI

3rd Place: LIONHEART

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