MVP: D&D 5th Ed. Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Issue 10


Silvermoon finds that her choice to abandon her team mates is met with mild hostilities in town. So she decides to leave town and catch them up. Varis leads a daring attack on the remaining stragglers, but slips and falls cracking his head on a rock. Leaving the rest of the team to deal with the remaining kobolds. Beron finishes off two that engage him in close combat and Kilius rushes forward to tie up the sleeping Koblods, calls to Leovan to help Beorn. But Leovan ignores and rushes in to help Killius. Leovan is nearly knock out by a striking sling shot from one of the remaining Kobolds.. But Beron charges them down and deals with them swiftly.

Interrogating the Kobolds, Beorn throws one into the fire, which convinces Moran the turn coat Kobold to join them in a bid to save his own life…

Silvermoon arrives and the party head off to find the ambush Moran tells them about.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH


3rd Place: KOKOPELLI

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