MVP: Core of Cthulhu Episode 12

As part of the Pegasus Engine can handle any setting challenge… I was Challenged to run Cthulhu.

So I have put together a short run adventure to take the investigators over a 3-5 session adventure.

Character creation was fun and we now have six investigators to face the unspeakable horrors that lurk on the fringes of their insanity!

The adventure is set in the 1980’s…

The Cast

Dorian Star

Tactician (Actor: Byron)

A Chellosit and a Singer performer in the modern arts and a star among the young generation as a classical-rock musician. He cannot be found without his closest fan, Luna Dawn. Together they found that their common interest in witchcraft and the forbidden knowledge has sown their friendship together.

Freddrick Hayes (Mystic Fred)

Agitator (Actor: Rich)

A charlatan, con-man who operates within a travelling circus pretending to be a clairvoyant. He was approached by Russel Corey after Russel received several complaints about Mystic Fred. But when Russel visited Freddrick had his first experience in a true clairvoyant activity! Since then they have become true friends.

Theodore Smith

Ranged (Actor: Silver)

Theodore has just started his Private Investigator Firm. He got involved with Russel Corey when a client brought Russel to Theodore’s attention. Meeting at a dinner party they shared similar interests and would meet often to discuss such topics.


Ranged (Actor: Waracolyte)

A shunned member of royalty who joined the secret service. Now only known as W. He has joined a special operation that seeks and shuts down cultist activities. W latest mark was Russel Corey, whose name came to the department of defences interest after making it big with his clairvoyant activity. Meeting with Russel, W has infiltrated his circle of friends, hoping to learn more about this man.

Warren Pernberton

Scrapper (Actor: Woadan)

An ex-serviceman. Now works as a taxi driver and has an interest in all things supernatural. One day he was transporting Russel Corey to a big event, they got talking and since then, Russell uses Warrens services as often as possible.

After dealing with the crew who had become murderous due to poisoning in their food and losing W, Dorian, and Luna in the process, the Epsilon Pioneer was beached on Griffon Island, its hull breached, and flooding.

Theodore managed to save Professor Shmidt, while the team attempted to get the helicopter unjammed.

Deciding that they need to go look for supplies on the island, Arnold, the first officer, Fredrick, Perry the cook, and Theodore head off onto the Island, Arnold searches the beach while the group climbs to the top the cliffs to a cabin.

They discover the whole island is desolate no sign of penguins anywhere and the Island is covered in slime trails.

Eventually, they clamber up to the top of the cliffs and find the cabin destroyed and covered in slime. Searching the ruins of the cabin they find that it has been brutally destroyed.

Deciding to go look for the cave they came to find, they regroup with Warren and head to the caves. Climbing down the cliff face they soon discover a cave entrance just above sea level. Exploring in the cave is covered in the same slime.

As they descend a hole they find in the back of the cave they find Arnold digging up a chest. But Arnold swings around and pulls a gun out on them.

Suddenly out of the darkness an amorphous mass of flesh of indistinguishable shape attacks… The beast 10′ round, rolls towards them lashing our tentacles with teeth on the and. The party scatters and Fredrick attacks Arnold…

The battle is fierce, Arnold falls first to the beast which rips him apart and consumes him into its mass. Warren falls next, As Theodore attempts to fight off the beast, Perry and Fredrick try to escape back up the rope with the chest.

The sound of Theodore screaming echoes through the cave just as they manage to clamber up the rope, together they haul the chest and run for their lives. To their horror, the thing seeps out of the hole and rolls after them. They are too slow and it catches up with them and they fall beneath it and become consumed…

Our 2-hour game session then ended unit next time!

What player won MVP? Read on…


2nd Place: RICH


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