MVP: Complicated Business- Issue 4

A team of Bounty Hunters down on their luck, have managed to seal a deal for a new Bounty Bond.

Chasing their through an alleyway that opens up onto a Railway, the Cyborg leaps down on top of a moving train in an attempt to get away.

But the Bounty Hunters will not give up that easy, jumping onto the roof, they cling on for dear life.

Manticore soon grapples the Cyborg down and they drag her off the train and into the city.

Questioning her, she tells them everything, and then they realise that their job is not over. Deciding they will get retribution and put away the real criminal, but they will need their mark to testify. At which point a sniper shoots her.

Luckily just a glancing shot on the shoulder and the team find themselves surrounded by a heavily armed and capable Hunter Squad.

A fierce firefight breaks out and the Bounty Hunters find themselves battered pretty badly, Byron hits the floor and is almost bleeding out if it was not for the team quickly racing to his aid and applying bandages.

But it was Ajax, who braced himself and tore up the area with his Heavy Blaster Carbine reducing the enemy to a pulp!

Leaving the planet before a thorough investigation could be made, the Team returned with the Cyborg who testified. But their target was on the run and a new Bounty Was issued!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: SPIKE

2nd Place: RICH


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