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MVP: Complicated Business- Issue 3

A team of Bounty Hunters down on their luck, have managed to seal a deal for a new Bounty Bond.

The Bounty Hunters have found themselves cornered by The Emerald Skaran, a group of local thugs who work for the crime syndicate that rules the cities underworld.

Engaging in a deadly firefight, our Hunters retreat from the scene after defeating the thugs and relieving them of their weapons.

Regrouping and planning their next move. They decide to stake out the hotel and wait for the mark to return. But curiosity gets the better of a couple of the hunters who decide to approach the Polarian Patrol who are on cordon duty at the scene of the crime in the alley outside the hotel. They attempt to get some info.

But recall all too quickly how Telempathic the Polarians are, able to detect others feelings. The Bounty Hunters find themselves on the back foot and soon decide to make a quick retreat before getting themselves into trouble.

The team take up spots about the vicinity and wait, and before long they see their mark, who spots the Polarians and turns tail to run… But the Bounty hunters make their move and a pursuit ensues…

Racing across the road into a side alley, Manticore decides to give chase and gets hit by moving traffic, A well placed shot by Byron loosens a fire escape that swings down striking the escapee…But she struggles free from their clasp and makes a break for it…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: NoQUARTER

3RD Place: BYRON

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