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MVP: Complicated Business- Issue 2

A team of Bounty Hunters down on their luck manage to seal a deal for a new Bounty Bond.

Arriving on Oltev the Bounty Hunters soon learn that the system is a backwater world, with little to no security / Military presence.

Invetigating a few leads and intimidating a few people the hunters, meet with Neo a Polarian Taxi driver. Who informs them tha the did indeed take their mark to a hotel on the edge of town.

Neo gives the hunters his opinion of the Mark which rises a few suspicions, which Ajax & Byron investigate with local security, who were not exactly forthcoming.

While Tann & Manticore investigate the hotel, which they discover to be a run down dump. Nevertheless they kill the receptionist and break into the marks room to find it empty.

Regrouping they see an unknown being run from the front of the hotel, giving chase they find themselves surrounded by Thugs who threaten them informing them that ‘The Governour’ Leader of the Emerald Skarans.

Laser Bolts start flying!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: NoQUARTER

2nd Place: RICH


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