MVP Christmas Special!

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GMD MVP Christmas Special is here!

From the beginning of November to the end of January. We will be changing how we do MVP! Different prizes and increased Loyalty Points to be earned by all Members!

As of November all MVP tournament games (Games that have 3+ players in) will give members the chance to win 10 Loyalty Points and 1 GMD Member Token (Depending on Membership level).

This is going to be in place of Trophies and Medals.


Don’t panic… This is what can be done with your GMD Tokens won via MVP.

  • You may exchange a GMD Token for an additional 10 Loyalty Points.
  • You can exchange your GMD Token for a voucher at Fantasy Grounds, RPG Now or a games store of your choosing.

Pretty cool huh?!

How it works…

Each Token holds a value of £1 and can be exchanged for a voucher at anytime. So you can store up 10 tokens and exchange for a £10 Gift Voucher from your favorite store. Providing the store sells online gift vouchers.

So Win 5 games and you earn 5 GMD Tokens… Win 20 and you will earn 20 GMD Tokens. That’s Vouchers worth £5 or £20!

To see how many GMD tokens you can win per MVP game click HERE or alternatively click the Image above.

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