MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue 9


Standing among the massacre of the Fabretarian Royal Guard, Caine asks Rastan to remove of the bodies before they are missed. Rastan with the help of his allies race out to Northiem, crossing the Godaxe river and into the Darkhold Pine Woods. There Rastan and the barbarians clash swords with Eric Svenson and his men. Setting the corpses out to look like they were killed fighting each other, Eric Svenson made his escape deep into the woods…

Returning to Caladon Rastan and the barbarians celebrate the evening ready for the wedding festivities the next day. Dar, playes with Hirdrid and Milos, Fulgrim speak to a mysterious old lady and her son who look a lot like Northeim folk. Grarkald spends the evening dancing with Heida the nurse. Turnus hides Alacene in the Temple for her safety, and spends the evening talking and gazing at the stars… An enjoyable and relaxing evening passes…

But it does not last long as the night air is sliced by the shouts of Brixam, Screaming Trolls!, as the party arrive in the halls they find Brixam standing over the dead form of Caine who has had his throat slit. Brixam covered in blood.

Rastan races forward with rage in his eyes to kill Brixam!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: MFOGG

2nd Place: RICH

3rd Place: Hrefn

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