MVP: Beasts & Barbarians Issue 8


Turnus with the love of his life raced through the streets away from the Assassin, hot on their tail… As group of Fabretterian guard arrived at the gates demanding to be let in. Rastan was summoned to the gates and joined by Fulgrim.  Just as Turnus raced out of the streets with the princess. Rastan valuing his battle brother hid the princess with Yeemaya and the Chieftains daughter.  The royal guard informed Rastan that they are seeking the princess and demand the gates be opened so they may look about their town for her. Escorting the Royal guard to greet with their chieftain Cain, The Royal guards pompous rude attitude angered Cain, and told Rastan that he would be Cheiftain and he would decide what would happen.. The barbarians massacred the Royal Guard, while Turnus attempted to hide the princess away with Dar’s help, only to find themselves facing against a couple of Royal Guard. Yeemaya seeing a curse playing it’s course discards Rastans mighty treasure over the walls of the town.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: MFOGG

2nd Place: RICH

3rd Place: CHAD

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