MVP: Beasts & Barbarians Issue #2 – Swamps of the Borderlands

Waking to find the hut of the Seer gone and that they are sleeping on the hard ground at the edge to the swamps. Fighting back gripping feat at such witch craft the heroes venture forth into the Swamps of the Borderlands.

Travelling long and hard through sodden terrain surrounded by a freezing fog. The heroes persevere … Heroes exchange tales of past and present and we learn more about what make the Heroes who they are.

in the Swamps Rastan leads a charge against Slavers who have several wagons full of marsh folk. Dar almost looses one of his beasts who is seriously injured. The heroes rally around the injured animal and are spurred on into a killing frenzy and the Slavers soon perish beneath their might.

Mug the Neandal Marsh Man joins the group as a guide, and the marsh folk bid the team farewell and show their thanks.

Mug guides the team through the swamps and to the ruined temple of Hulian.

Crossing the rickety rope bridge the party all make it across with some close calls.

Examining strange effigies to a beast cult the party start to approach the temple. Bursting from the entrance rushing them race Beastmen known as Shellbacks!

1st Place: RICH


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