MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue 17

Deep within the halls of the Mountain King, A mighty battle ensues… Fighting to free their loved ones The barbarians and Turnus, fight desperately against an impossible host. A host lead by a mad undead king, and long dead blood brother to Rastan, who at his side has the risen Alera, the sister of Rastan. Andos Rhul, the Mountain King leading an army of Cannibals and Trolls and Snow Wolves, weaves powerful dark energies against the barbarians. Even Alera taps into the arcane, and Yemaya is stretched to match their onslaught. Slowly the heroes prevail, But when victory seems put a pale shadow away, One of the huge trolls steps fourth and sends Dar flying back against the icy walls of the cavern, with bone crunching impact! He drops and does not move, Grarkald screams to everyone about Dar’s demise and the heroes fight harder. Alecene begins to fall into the lava, doomed for sure! But Dar’s tiger leaps across and pulls her to safety in the nick of time. Alera reveals her dark masters true image and Fulgrims fear gets a hold of him, His hair turning stark white, his eyes wide and the vision haunting his every thought. Turnus keeps Alicene close and with Rastans aid the Mountain King occupied. Fulgrim charges fourth with the Axe of Hulain bringing the reign of the Mountain King to an end.

horns echo throughout the halls and soon the full weight of the Mountain Kings army arrives. Racing through the icy caverns the heroes join their captured kin and together escape the clutches of the cannibals. Away from Ometh Vulgan they race into the Swamps of despair. Alera leading her lovers army in pursuit seeking revenge, Dar and Turnus, guide them through the swamps and back to the snow covered plains of Caladon. Cala calls to her people to pick up arms and turn and face the enemy. Looking to Turnus to lead them in their desperate fight against the armies of the Mountain King.

As dawn rises, the army crests the hills…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: HREFN & MFOGG & SPIKE

2nd Place: CHAD & RASTAN


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