MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue 15


Leaving the charred remains of Mugs village the party make their way through the freezing swamps closer to Mountain of the Mad King.  Finally free of the dread swamps and onto a snow covered plain, a blizzard blows in threatening to freeze their very hearts. Fulgrim falls victim to the cold protecting Yemaya. Dar sets up camp and scouts ahead, seeing what looks like  a wagon train being led into a canyon in the mountain side off in the distance, he rushes back to inform the group. The group rests up, bonding together, except Grarkald who stands impatient. Racing across the glacier and into the canyon they find themselves deep in the territories of the cannibals. Sneaking deeper into the complex, the party, descend following the wagon tracks. Only to find themselves faced with Snow wolves and Trolls, which alert the camp to their prescience.. Yemaya blocks the route behind with a ice wall stopping the cannibals from descending towards them.  A group of escaped prisoners rush to their aid, Some heading to face the on coming cannibals giving the party time to seek their kin folk, led by a couple of the escaped prisoners.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: HREFN


3rd Place: MFOGG

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