MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue 14


Rastan and his companions press further into the Swamps of Despair, following Dar who tracks their foe. The freezing fog biting into their very bones. Attacked by Shellbacks who seek revenge and that which was stolen from their lair. Grarkald wants one alive and the order is given.. but Cala enters a battle rage and butchers the last surviving Shellback, Rastans own temper flares and decides to teach his queen a lesson. They fighting punching and scratching at one another, until pulled apart. Yemaya comforts a distraught Cala. Coming across another burnt village belonging to Neanderthals that live in the swamps, they find a lone survivor, Mug. Mug joins the group and grunts to them what happend to his people. Cala tells Yemaya of her secret that she is with Rastans child. They find a flesh eater dead in the village of Mug. Seeing it as a just another human cannibal they are filled with vengeance and determination that they face flesh and blood rather than some horror. They prepare for their trek into the Halls of the Mountain King, where madness reigns.

What player won MVP? Read on…

1stĀ Place: HREFN

2nd Place: MFOGG


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