MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue 10


The night air is sliced by the shouts of Brixam, Screaming Trolls!, as the party arrive in the halls they find Brixam standing over the dead form of Caine who has had his throat slit. Brixam covered in blood.

Rastan races forward with rage in his eyes to kill Brixam! Both Grarkald and Fulgrim try to hold Rastan back, but his rage is too much! Pounding into Brixam, Brixam does not put up any defense, His body trembling with fear! Turnus starts to gather the forces ready to hunt down the trolls.  Fulgrim and Grarkald manage to pull Rastan free. That’s when Yemaya finds Cala missing, this snaps Rastan out of his rage… Turnus talks sense into Rastan and the party gather their belongings to head after the trolls. AS the party are about to leave… Turnus tells the Princess Alicaene to wait for him in the temple of Hulian, they kiss and he turns and leaves her with the priests for safety. Claudious promises no harm shall come to her. Grarkald is approached by the nurse Heida who gives him a piece of her dress as a promise. Dar gathers his animal companions and Hirdrid asks to come along and Dar says she needs to look after the animals in town. Moth says to Yemaya that she will stay behind and tend to the towns needs and prepare for her return. Fulgrim sees the Old lady and her son.. She calls out to him begging him not to go near the fog she cant lose her son again… This confuses Fulgrim, Milos the stable boy runs up to Rastan asking to carry his axe on his journey. Rastan bends down ruffles the boys hair and hands him a dagger instructing him to stay here and protect Caladon.

The party leave in search of the Trolls and Cala… They trudge through the snow and across the God Axe River into the North Woods of Northeim. Rastan speaks of his fear that Cala orchestrated the death of her father so that she may become a ruler. But he is puzzled why she would steal away the Axe of Hulain. Yemaya warns Rastan that there was a curse on the gold he took from the ruined temple… The cold fog and snow is relentless and they continue their journey north following the slowly disappearing trail…

They discover bits of cloth torn from Cala’s gown and follow the breadcrumbs to a vast cliff… They are about to scale the ice and snow covered treacherous cliff. An old hunting friend of Rastan steps out of the snow storm and asks what they are doing out in this forsaken weather… Rastan tells him his tale and they are guided to a secret animal trail leading up into the mountains.  Following is they come to the cave entrance and do not see Trolls but cultists, the guardians of the Tome of Hulian that they stole from them!

Rushing in Rastan and the party engage the Cultists in a mighty battle, Their sorceress engages in a battle of sorcery with Yemaya while trying to sacrifice Cala, who is tied over a burning pit…

They slay the cultists and free Cala.

The cave collapses about them and they race to escape from being buried alive! Bursting from the cave out into the icy night, they rest and in the early morning head south to the Borderlands and to Caladon.

On their return they find it burned to a crisp, it’s smoke still rising to the heavens.

General Claudos is dead on the steps to the Chieftens halls, that lays in ruins. three arrows pierce his heart. His body enduring cuts and wounds of a mighty battle. On the floor in front of him in Fabretarian he has written Alac…
Hirdrid and her puppy are dead, her staff snapped in two.. The puppy’s lays frozen beside the still body of Hirdrid, her tiny head caved in as if stamped on repeatedly. Her staff snapped in two and cast to the side.
Milos the stable boy is missing. Only Rastans dagger lays on the ground near the stables.
The Nurse Hieda – that tended to Mul the barbarian, Garkalds friend, lays savaged on the steps of the infirmary — Her ripped clothes exposing her bruised naked and abused corpse to the icy cold air, her face frozen in horror and anguish reflecting the torment she had endured.
Moth lays dead, beside a handful of slaves, their bodies butchered, limbs hacked off and missing. Moth lays missing legs and arms. a Spear pins her through the face to the blood filled ground.
The old Lady Greta is dead by the inn but Bors is missing. The Old Lady is Nailed to the inn door by a couple of daggers, her face stares off towards the gates an arm out stretched in the direction of her gaze.
The Temple lays in ruins burnt to the ground inside two burnt corpses unidentifiable can be found, nothing but a pile of bone and ash… their attire all burnt.

The parties cries of torment fill the morning;s icy air….

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH


3rd Place: MFOGG

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