MVP: Beasts & Barbarians – Issue #1 Rastan’s Honor

Stealing the book of Hulian from the serpent temple the heroes rush back to Caladan across rapids and fighting against angry cultists desperate to stop them from escaping.

Revered as heroes by the Towns chief. A feast is held in their honor.

Hecate talks to the local priest who speaks of visions of darkness, Krom meets a strange old lady and a northman boy, strength shining in his defiant eyes. Rastan courts Cala the chieftains daughter, Turnus talks with his friend Claudos of the Iron Kingdom and troubles that stir. Alasar receives a gift from his adopted father.

Pleased the Chief sends the heroes into the swamps of the Borderlands to follow the trail outlined within the the tome.

The heroes soon arrive at the hut of Senna the seer and rest before entering deeper into the swamps.

One of the tightest MVP result ever!

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: SARAH

3rd Place: KOKOPELLI

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