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Each week on Wednesday I update the XP chart with products that I have been working on throughout the week.

I have decided that instead of spamming you with all the product updates I create throughout the day I will create one e-mail at the beginning of the day and then update it with links and information and send it at the end of the day.

All-New Perk!

Hi everyone!

Thanks to GMD Member Waracolyte for suggesting the latest Perk to be added to the CORE RPG Perk Guide.

The Medical Specialist Perk will provide solutions for characters who want to remove Physical Effects from targets.

Physical Effects are noted on page 39/40 of the CORE RPG.

Download the CORE RPG Perk Guide for FREE when you have earned 26 XP from the XP Chart here:

Here is a quick link to the Perks Guide (Please note: You will need to be logged in to access this link!)

GMD Member, here is a look at the Perk:

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

Alternatively, you can purchase the Ever-Expanding Guide from our store. These Guides once purchased are then free to re-download and update your library each time it has been updated.

Here is a quick link to the store item:

If you have already purchased this item, please update it from your profile page.

Welcome to New Members

A huge welcome to Sophie and Waracolyte for joining GMD Online! Red Shards have been dished out to members. As members, you will gain access to the XP Chart (see above) and you will gain access to unique Member-only channels on our Discord server.

Make sure to sign up on our Discord server here:

Click Image To Join Our Discord Server

What are Red Shards?

Red Shards are the first in a series of GMD Online currency used to obtain achievements, ranks, extra XP, bonus rewards and even discounts.

I have started to include these on the site as something extra for members to earn.

How do I earn Red Shards?

Earning Red Shards is easy:

  • You earn 1 Red Shard per day you log onto your account here on GMD Online.
  • Whenever a new member signs up the new member and every existing GMD Member earns Red Shards equal to the Tier of Support they have signed up to!
  • Winning competions & tournaments
  • Playing in the Nexus: The GMD ONline CORE RPG Multiplayer Online Game using Foundry VTT! More on Nexus to follow.

How many types of Shards are there?

I plan to have 6 types of Shards

  • Red Shards
  • Orange Shards
  • Yellow Shards
  • Green Shards
  • Blue Shards
  • Purple Shards

You will eventually be able to exchange shards at a rate of 100 lower shards for the next Colour Shard in the range. eg: 100 Red for 1 Orange. 100 Orange for 1 Yellow etc…


I am hoping to make a start creating the first Deck of Onslaught Cards ready for the next playtest on TableTop Simulator.

The previous playtest, many months ago before the race to get the Vehicles & Mount’s Guide and products ready for the Expo, was a success and players cannot wait to see the next phase of playtesting so I am keen to get this set up.

So here is a GMD Members look at an Action Card Preview for Onslaught:

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

XP Rewards

As you could see in the XP Chart link above. There are many, many rewards available for FREE via the XP Chart.

Since our members have been converting from Patreon to GMD Membership Packages on our website, I have been providing extra XP by double XP on the month of sign up, transferring XP generated from Patreon. But that is not all, I have also added XP for all your purchases and Kickstarter backing too.

I have done this to say thank you and to show just how much your support means to the development of GMD Online products and to me.

I could not have created any of this without your support! You are my heroes.

World War LoR

About 4 years ago, I wanted to create a community-based war game. The funny thing is a task card has dropped into my to-do list on my Trello Board (Task Management System, highly recommend it!).

With the new Membership system in place, the plug-ins I purchased to govern it has the facility to make this a reality.

I will start to look over how to implement running a play by e-mail style war game, hopefully, to start early 2022. Watch this space. I’m going to drop the card back into the planning phase to look at a later date September/October time. But it certainly is not a priority right now.

The idea is to use it as a playtest for the CORE Conquest Boardgame. But on a much larger and more permanent scale.

If you are excited about this multiplayer members-only playtesting campaign then why not let me know on Discord?

All New Members Club

As most of you are aware the all-new members club has now been set up. There is still a bit of manual work to do and it is not fully automated. Which I am ok with as it gives you all a personal touch.

That said, I have invested in a few commercial plugins to manage the membership and XP chart as well as all the extras that are on their way. Please bear with me as these things take time and I am learning how to use the new plugins.

What is the difference between Patreon/GMD Members Club?

With Patreon, the API connecting our site that managed the XP Chart and Patreon was cumbersome and difficult for users to use. Almost 16 clicks to get your rewards!

With GMD Members Club it is simpler. One-Click to Log in and instant access to your rewards with one click.

Total XP: With Patreon, it was not possible to see what your total XP was, so the XP chart was a little Russian Roulette when it came to clicking links to see if you had access.

The GMD Membership Club not only can you see your XP total on your profile page, but you can also see all your purchased downloads too! Not only that you can also see which rewards you have access to on the XP Chart, as the links to obtain the rewards will only be revealed once you have earned enough XP!

Extra Rewards: With Patreon, I could not provide extra XP.

With GMD Members Club I can not only award extra XP for the above but also as part of competitions/tournaments etc. I am able to reward extra awards such as Shards and Nexus Points etc.

Future Ideas for XP Chart & Awards

I have some ideas to bring into play in the future, depending on how easy to implement or if it can be done, such as:

  • Birthday Rewards
  • GMD Online Birthday Rewards
  • GMD Sarah’s Birthday Rewards
  • Seasonal Rewards
  • XP Top ups either from the store or by use of Shards
  • Community Milestones: Members can use Shard to push a milestone along to unlock Special Community rewards (What these are and how this will work requires a little more thought and design and research) But I imagine it to be Products created, games to be played, Bonus XP to everyone, Bonus Shards to everyone etc… Plus anything else you can think of, why not let me know in the GMD Members Genreal Channel?

BloodBowl 2 Tournament

I have decided to organise a GMD Members Only BloodBowl Tournament using the BloodBowl 2 game from Steam.

This will have its very own Trophy, XP, and Shards to win.


  • Each member will create a brand new non-mixed TV 1000 team. This team wil only last for 1 competition then members will create a brand new one.
  • All Members wil play all other members until the tournament has finished.
  • The Member in position 1 will claim the Trophy.
  • Simples…

MVP 2020/2021

Congratulations to GMD Member Rich for winning this years MVP Trophy!

A huge thank you to everyone taking part in last years games, the new year starts tonight …

MVP Roleplaying Tournament

I am a sucker for giving away trophies and propose a new tournament! A roleplaying one!

How will it work?

  • Players sign up for the tournament and play through a series of rounds using pre-generated characters with several to choose from.
  • Each group will consist of 6 players. The top three go through to the next round. Forming the next group of players. and so forth until there are only 6 players left and then the winner is the player that earns the MVP in the final round.
  • The top three are decided via the MVP voting form and then announced in the post-game write-up
  • Each round will consist of different genres but all groups in the same round will play the same game.
  • All games will be designated day and time.
  • The genre and characters will be announced on game day.

What is the prize?

The prize will be a trophy (& XP and Shards for members)

How to sign up?

Watch out for the signup advert which will be posted shortly!

I plan to start sign-ups in September.

Do these games go towards the End of the GMD Online year MVP Tournament?

No, this will be a separate tournament from the GMD MVP yearly games tournament. I may even give this tournament a different name altogether. Watch this space.

Product a Month Challenge

A while back I announced that I would be starting September a Product a Month Challenge.

I will be trying to create a product in a month! This will be mainly adventures but I am also going to prioritise and see how much or if at all complete as much of the following Guide books!

  • September: Adversaries, Allies & Encounters Guide
  • October: CORE Beastiary
  • November: Installations, Hideouts & Headquarters Guide
  • December: Gear & Crafting Guide

Can I do it? It is an insane challenge and I may be setting myself up for a fail.. but I will in the process get a huge quantity of these books completed!

Why not cheer me on and offer support to me on discord!


Don’t forget to vote on the member polls that appear in the gmd-member-poll channel on Discord. the latest is the race poll for the Once Upon A Steam Race which was voted for back in June, I totally forgot to do a sub-poll to find out which race.

Also, I have posted in regards to the latest Encounter for GAU.

Voting on the polls helps me stay focused and provide the community with what the majority of you would like to see. Otherwise, I will do what suits me and that will not always suit you.

XP Chart Links Fixed!

Thanks to whoever brought this to my attention, I am so sorry I did not make a note of who told me to credit you with the find! Please contact me so I can give you a post-credit.

The link to the Hi-Rez print files for the encounter 3×2′ Poster maps is now working giving you free access, instead of sending you to the store to buy them! – I guess it was a nice try eh? lol…

CORE RPG Rules: Resource Points

Is the following rules something that you think you we should include in the CORE RPG?

The following are for Members Only:

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

That is it for this week… Tomorrow is CORE World Thursday! I will post an update tomorrow with how I get on.

Martin Harper (GM Draeus)

GMD Online

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