Members-Day Wednesday – 8th September 2021

It’s Wednesday and on Wednesday, I add content to the XP Chart and work on some new products such as Miniatures, Music, Art Work, Board Games and gaming products and give you a preview of them all!

So in this edition of The Daily Post, I will be sharing with you what is being created and what is in the pipeline for the future too. Hopefully the information I include here will help you make informed decisions when it comes to voting in the gmd-members-polls channel on Discord.

The Products I work on are voted on by the members or are updated weekly via the dedicated Discord Channels which can be found here:

You can grab all the products and the works in progress for FREE from the XP Chart! It is my way of saying thank you for believing in GMD Online. None of these could have been created without your support.

Patreon MembersIf you want access to your CORE Adventures, please switch over to the GMD Membership packages, your XP form Patreon will be transferred and your first month sign up will be double XP at the new level of support to say thank you.

Members Shards

As requested by GMD Member Warcolyte you will now be able to access your Shard Rewards from your Log-In/My Account Page:

Nexus Online

I have just rendered some floor tiles to start building the main entrance map for this Foundry/sandbox based Roleplaying game using CORE RPG.

The idea is to have a sort of MMO style roleplaying game drop in and drop-out gameplay. The Foundry is almost ready, just want to do some final touches and playtests with the campaign games first to see if everything is working ok. Then the idea is to start taking character creation within the game and off we go…

What is the plan?

Firstly, I need to get the entrance lobby where your characters adventure starts, mapped out and set up.

Then I need to set up the first adventure, else there is nothing to do.

Once that is done I can go from there branching out with events and quests etc.

Is this the 3D version you was talking about?

Noooo… I am far off of Nexus 3D Online. That will most likely be early 2022, this is using foundry VTT and played virtually like a tabletop RPG.

I hope to be setting up the first sign-ups in 2 weeks time.

G.A.U. Introduction Adventure

I have managed to set up the starting scenes for the Mondays Game and the NPC stats. That said, i am still waiting for some fixes to be made to Foundry, but we can still play the game, even If I have to keep track of Perk Activation on Paper or a separate Notes file.

What’s left to do?

I have a few more combat orientated scenes that require battle maps to be set up.

This will involve NPCs as well as their tokens/profiles too.

I still have some Character Profiles and Token Images to organise as well. But I’m looking forward to running this short introduction session.

Foundry VTT/Sandbox

I have been contacted by seregras the developer of Sandbox for Foundry VTT which is the base from which CORE RPG is built. Currently, the game world is with him and hopefully, we will see what is causing the issues with the Perks.

Fingers crossed this will be fixed before next week!

Astro Cross Rules Preview!

Today has a little treat for you all… I have added the overview of the rules to play AstroCross. The GMD Sci-Fi Sports Boardgame… Coming Soon!

Two teams of seven players battle it out with three balls in a fast-paced highly strategic, brutal ball game of the future.

Here is a look at the rules to give you an idea of how it plays… I do plan to add a campaign element to the game as well as different races and details on how the different roles affect the game in the near future. (Members need to be logged in to view this content) I plan to organise a PDF for the XP Chart soon!

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

Product A Month Challenge! September

Let’s have a look at what progress I have made today!

This months Product that I will be attempting to complete as much of as I possibly can is the Adversaries, Allies & Encounters Guide.

Today I have made a start to populate the Combat Rules Chapter of the AAE Guide.

Check out the rules I have created here: (You will need to be logged in as a Member to view these rules)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

GMD Members Club

Here is a link to the ALL-NEW GMD Members Club!

Join the community and the community will benefit!

Not only do you earn XP for signing up as a Member which in turns grants you access to Exclusive GMD Online Rewards. Each member that signs up also receives their Membership in Red Shards as a welcome gift. But that is not all! Every existing member also claims the Red Shards as a gift too!

Character Pack: GAU – Mac Makenzie

Mac Makenzie is the second of a 5 hero team starring in the G.A.U. Campaign Setting.

In the first part of the pack you will be able to get the following:

  • Art Card
  • Tokens
  • Profile Pic

To Follow:

  • Pre-Gen Character A5 Card
  • Miniature

Will organise the second part of the pack and add it to the XP Chart once everything is completed!

CORE RPG Rules Deck – [NRG] Cards

I have decided to remove the low-resolution version of the [NRG] Cards to provide you with a nice shiny HiRez Version.

This is because I now have printed versions of the card and will be adding the packs to the XP Chart for ordering!

The HiRez is now available at 7 XP:

GMD Online Blood Bowl News

The GMD Champions Cup & Wooden Spoon Knockout stages are almost ready!! Just waiting for the last couple of teams to sign up and then we are away!

Each round will take approximately 2 weeks to play, but the round will turn once all Teams have played their matches. So if they finish sooner than 2 weeks the turn will get moved on!

Tournament Start Dates?

I plan to launch the Tournaments tomorrow, 9th September 2021!

Let’s check out the teams!

Champions Cup 2021

You do not get meaner than this! 16 Player Teams competing for the Champions Cup 2021!

Wooden Spoon 2021

We are waiting for 2 player teams to join and then we can add three random AI teams as the three teams that made it through has no options to accept the ticket and progress through the tournament, which sucks! But hey, we work with what we have…

The Tournament will start once the last couple of teams have signed up!

Thank You!

I want to start by saying Thankyou to the GMD Members Club who without I would not be able to create all these amazing products or be able to give them away for free! There is nothing more I enjoy than creating content for you all… If I am not creating something that you want to see, then make use of the forms on the XP Chart and request it, and it shall be done!

A Massive Thank you to…

Eusi Toa

T Gowdy, Silvereagle

A.Byron, R.Nunn, Woadan

Dragongirl, K. Busby, Rich, Sophie, Waracolyte
R.Finch, S.Setzer, MFogg, NoQuarter, W.King

A Harrison, Carl, C. Bullivant, JForJackson, Karonlina, Laura, Sarah, T. Freelander, Voshi

Adam, A. Needham, David, D. McDonald, Goffick, Hrefn,P. Herridge, Spike, Nomad

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