Members-Day Wednesday – 25th August 2021

It’s Wednesday and on Wednesday, I add content to the XP Chart and work on some new products such as Miniatures, Music, Art Work, Board Games and gaming products and give you a preview of them all!

So in this edition of The Daily Post, I will be sharing with you what is being created and what is in the pipeline for the future too. Hopefully the information I include here will help you make informed decisions when it comes to voting in the gmd-members-polls channel on Discord.

The Products I work on are voted on by the members or are updated weekly via the dedicated Discord Channels which can be found here:

You can grab all the products and the works in progress for FREE from the XP Chart! It is my way of saying thank you for believing in GMD Online. None of these could have been created without your support.

Patreon MembersIf you want access to your CORE Adventures, please switch over to the GMD Membership packages, your XP form Patreon will be transferred and your first month sign up will be double XP at the new level of support to say thank you.

All-New Perk ideas!

Would you believe it? I’m at it again!

Here I am setting up for a days work and I have just thought up a couple of extra combat Perks.

  • Shield Swipe: FRee attack with a shield on a successful block.
  • Revenge Strike: Free unarmed attack when taking health loss.

I will include these into the Ever-Expanding Perks Guide over the next few months with full rules. Watch out for them!

Download the CORE RPG Perk Guide for FREE when you have earned 26 XP from the XP Chart!

New Member!/Members News

Thank you to Eusi for switching over to GMD Membership from Patreon and becoming a Legendary Member. Your Patreon XP has been transferred and your transfer bonus has been awarded. The XP Chart is now open to you.

What does this mean to the community?

All existing Members gain 70 Red Shards on their profiles. These will be able to be used for a variety of activities once I have completed the set-up of Nexus etc…

Special Thank you to Members Waracolyte & Sophie29

I want to thank you both for advertising GMD Online and the products I make for you all. Advertising is not my strong suit and any help I get from members saves me time, which I appreciate so much!

I have awarded you both 1 Orange Shard each (worth 100 Red Shards)

Nexus Online!

It is almost here!

I have downloaded a temporary Lobby Map to get us going. I will work on an official Lobby map to explore once we get set up and started.

The foundry VTT and Lobby is set up. Nexus is now awaiting Members to join!

For those of you who created Avatars before: You will need to re-create your Avatar. This time inside the Nexus Foundry VTT Interface.

Once you have done this I will then connect your Token and Profile Pic.

If you want Coloured KSins etc .. you will have to purchase these from the Nexus Store once in-game.

This will be created for you while you wait. Colours that are not yet available can also be ordered but will have to be waited for as I cannot render new images while Nexus Foundry VTT is live.

Check out the Nexus Online Page here:

What are you waiting for? Head over to the nexus channel on Discord and request character creation and get started!

Monthly Encounter

August has been insane with the move and catching up with May/June & July tasks. I have not been able to complete the Monthly Race: Mesquaki due to a problem trying to render it! I have sent a bug report and I am hoping that on Monday I can complete it and add it to the Ever-Expanding Race Guide.

As for the Encounter, I have no excuses… I apologise for not getting this organised in time. That said, I have started yesterday a few new adventures which will have encounters galore. So instead of creating a new Encounter a month, I will just release the Encounters appearing in the adventures early as cards to download as part of the Adventures Theme Pack. But unfortunately as above, August has not seen any new Encounters created. That said there will be Encounters coming for G.A.U. (A Super Villain was voted for by Members), Pendragon (Super Heroes), LoR Thassalos (Aquatic Fantasy Adventures), Disavowed (spy Craft adventures), Cutlass (Fantasy Pirates), Starfall (Sci-Fi) and much more! Also, there will be artwork, tokens, battle-maps and Miniatures! to go with them all.

Watch this space!

GMD Members Club

Here is a link to the ALL-NEW GMD Members Club!

Join the community and the community will benefit!

Not only do you earn XP for signing up as a Member which in turns grants you access to Exclusive GMD Online Rewards. Each member that signs up also receives their Membership in Red Shards as a welcome gift. But that is not all! Every existing member also claims the Red Shards as a gift too!

Here is a sample of how it works!

Claim a Special Offer today! By unlocking this Achievement: (This will only be visible to members who are logged in)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

Pendragon Is Coming!

Back in July, you voted on the first pack to be created. The vote results were as follows:

  1. Pendragon with 43%
  2. LoR, G.A.U., The Scorch, Once Upon A Steam all with 14%

Therefore I will be concentrating on providing the following products next month as the launch of my Monthly packs:

  • Make a start on the CORE RPG Supers Guide
  • Create a Quick-Fire Pendragon Adventure
  • Create Encounter Cards forthe Adventure
  • Create Tokens for the Adventure
  • Create Miniatures for the Adventure
  • Creat Onslaught Cards based on the Heroes of Pendragon
  • Art Cards for the Pendragon Heroes
  • Profile Pics for the Pendragon Heroes and Villains
  • Top Down figure Flats for the adventure
  • A5 Stylised Character Pre-Gen Cards
  • Pendragon Campaign Guide Book Cover

Will I be able to do all the above in September as well as a product a month challenge? To be honest I’m not 100% sure… But I will give it my best shot!

Here is a preview of the Pendragon Logo! (Members will need to be logged in to view this preview)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

Community Milestones

I have been tackling with Community Milestones. A Special rewards chart that the Community can spend Shards to progress. Once the Map reaches a Milestone that reward is unlocked.

I just cannot get my head around the plug-ins I have managing the Shards system currently, so this part of the project I son hold as I have sent a support ticket to get advice on how to progress. This may have to be a manual process, I’m not sure, lets wait and see!

ALL-NEW Board Game!

While I was at the Expo I had several ideas for some new Board Games. One of which is a Mainframe Boardgame called Grid Block.

Once the game has been thoroughly playtested and all artwork completed, I will produce it and it will be available from the Store and the XP Chart.

Here is a look at the logo and an overview of the game! (Members will need to be logged in to view the following content)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

GMD Online Blood Bowl News

With the 2021 League completed, we are currently in the last round of the Group Stages of our Summer Tournaments

  • The Champions Cup: Top 5 from each Division Battle it out for the Champions Cup
  • The Wooden Spoon: The Bottom 5 from each Division battle it out for the Wooden Spoon Trophy

With 4 Groups per tournament each group consisting of 6 teams. Only 4 from each group goes through to the knock-out phases which starts on Friday 3rd September at 8 pm UK TIme…

Well, this week Wooden Spoon Group C the Mikoyans Maggots managed to grab a 3-0 win over the Sausage Squashers a much need win! But will it be enough to make the top 4? It certainly has put the nail in the coffin for the Squashes as they are now out of the Tournament!

But there was excitement in Champions Cup Group A last night! Bob’s Ballbags managed to climb out of 6th place into 3rd with an amazing 4-0 win against the AI Team Merry Wolves!

MVP: Necessary Evil – Issue 18!

Here is the latest MVP:

Angelica Star Miniatures!

I have just added the first Miniatures to the XP Chart. Order your free Angelica Star Miniature today! (You need to be logged in and have 107 XP as a member to access this page)

Click Image to go to the order form.

Or direct from the XP Chart at 107 XP.

Well, that’ sit for today I have run out of time so I hope you like what you see here… and see you tomorrow for another edition of The Daily Post

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