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Members-Day Wednesday – 15th September 2021

It’s Wednesday and on Wednesday, I add content to the XP Chart and work on some new products such as Miniatures, Music, Art Work, Board Games and gaming products and give you a preview of them all!

So in this edition of The Daily Post, I will be sharing with you what is being created and what is in the pipeline for the future too. Hopefully the information I include here will help you make informed decisions when it comes to voting in the gmd-members-polls channel on Discord.

The Products I work on are voted on by the members or are updated weekly via the dedicated Discord Channels which can be found here:

You can grab all the products and the works in progress for FREE from the XP Chart! It is my way of saying thank you for believing in GMD Online. None of these could have been created without your support.

Patreon MembersIf you want access to your CORE Adventures, please switch over to the GMD Membership packages, your XP form Patreon will be transferred and your first month sign up will be double XP at the new level of support to say thank you.

Members Polls

I have added a few Polls to the gmd-members-polls channel on Discord. Be sure to cast your vote!


  • October Pack Theme
  • Miniatures Packaging
  • What Guides you would like to see created in next months Product a Month Challenge

Product A Month Challenge! September

Let’s have a look at what progress I have made today!

This months Product that I will be attempting to complete as much of as I possibly can is the Adversaries, Allies & Encounters Guide.

The AAE Guide is coming along nicely, still a lot to do but I am starting to add some serious content to this guide!

Check out the rules I have created here: (You will need to be logged in as a Member to view these rules)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

GMD Members Club

Here is a link to the ALL-NEW GMD Members Club!

Join the community and the community will benefit!

Not only do you earn XP for signing up as a Member which in turns grants you access to Exclusive GMD Online Rewards. Each member that signs up also receives their Membership in Red Shards as a welcome gift. But that is not all! Every existing member also claims the Red Shards as a gift too!

StarGuard Digital Pack

Here is the link to your reward (Members you will need to be logged in to view this link!):

I have decided to upgrade the 61XP StarGuard PDF entry to include the digital Art Cards too.

The StarGuard Digital Pack will include all digital files once they are completed.

Currently, the Digital Pack consists of:

  • StarGuard Work In Progress PDF

Art Cards for:

  • Thunda
  • Mirror
  • Prophet
  • Dr Belle/Beast
  • Blink
  • Ray
  • Neon
  • Magnetism
  • Meki
  • Dr Thalna
  • Cobolt

I plan to create a StarGuard Physical Pack too as I do have some Art Cards still available. But once gone, they are gone!

Pendragon Monthly Pack

The latest phase of the Pendragon Pack is here!

Leader of Project Pendragon: Arturius!

The armoured clad Tactician Arturius and his Excalibur Suit.

I have also completed the base images for:

  • Highlander, the Scottish Strong Man.
  • The Red Dragon, The Welsh Patriot
  • Pixi, A tiny sprite fro Cornwall
  • Niamh, Daughter of Manannan the Irish God of the Seas

Here is a preview of his artwork… 3 more to go and I will be able to make a start on the Pendragon cover. (Members will need to be logged in to view the following artwork)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

G.A.U Digital Pack

All-new G.A.U. Digital Pack! 5 new character Art cards, Profile Pics & Tokens for you to download and use in your games.

I plan to add Character Cards, Work in progress CORE WOrld PDF etc in the near future as well as a Physical Rewards Pack.

This reward is available to Members who have earned 80XP or more: (Members will need to have logged in to view this reward)

GMD Online Blood Bowl News

Latest Members Matches!

Wooden Spoon Tournament

GMD Member Bobinu is through! A nice 2-0 win for The Goat Simulator Reborn sees the team through to the final 8!

Congratulations Bob, Good luck in the next round.

Tonight is my team, the Hern Hunters at 5.30 PM UK Time! Come and cheer us on!

Champions Cup

Another team is through to the final 8 Both teams played were non-member teams. The match looks to have been a close game!

I am thinking of including some post-match screenshots to show an up to date team lineup for Member Teams. Especially now that Blood Bowl League is a regular part of The Daily Post.

Thank You!

I want to start by saying Thankyou to the GMD Members Club who without I would not be able to create all these amazing products or be able to give them away for free! There is nothing more I enjoy than creating content for you all… If I am not creating something that you want to see, then make use of the forms on the XP Chart and request it, and it shall be done!

A Massive Thank you to…

Eusi Toa

T Gowdy, Silvereagle

A.Byron, R.Nunn, Woadan

Dragongirl, K. Busby, Rich, Sophie, Waracolyte
R.Finch, S.Setzer, MFogg, NoQuarter, W.King

A Harrison, Carl, C. Bullivant, JForJackson, Karonlina, Laura, Sarah, T. Freelander, Voshi

Adam, A. Needham, David, D. McDonald, Goffick, Hrefn,P. Herridge, Spike, Nomad

Join the family!

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