Marvel Heroes: Into The Savage Lands Part 1

Scene 1- Round Up

The creaking of twisted steel echoed throughout the streets and alleys around them, as the heavy crane began to fall towards a nearby crowd of onlookers! Meanwhile rushing towards them came the escaped convicts from the raft!

The Bulldozer was the first to charge the team, almost sending Beast to hospital if it wasn’t for Iron First and his healing Chi power! Wolverine came to his aid and diced up Bulldozer! While Black Widow took out a couple of convicts.

Enraged, the wrecker pointed at Wolverine and shouted! ‘You’re going down Wolverine! Once and for all!’

‘Bring it Bub!’ He said as he with the aid of Beast and Iron Fist took down the Wrecker.

They dodged the Constrictors Vibranium Cables whipping out trying to entangle them. But to no avail. Screaming at the top of his lungs Wolverine rushed The Constrictor and pinned him to the wall.

High above them Ms Marvel and Spiderman worked together to neutralize the crane that threatened to crush the onlookers below. Debris rained down on the combatants causing them to dodge the shower of glass and concrete.

Black widow lept over a nearby vehicle and landed between a couple of parked cars. popping out from between them she took a few snap shots bringing down the last of the convicts.

Eventually Ms Marvel lowered the crane down safely. The prisoners were then rounded up for transport back to the Raft…

The Helicarrier

Over the team’s comms Maria Hill contacted them. ‘Ok Team, you need to get back to the Helicarrier. There has been some developments on what caused the breakout at the Raft.’

They soon found themselves aboard the Helicarrier, Maria entered the briefing room. ‘As you know the Raft and Rikers Island were both hit by the power outage caused by Electro.’

Stepping behind a terminal, she pressed a button and a grainy video footage showed Electro approaching the Stark Tech Shield Power Generators and shorting the power. Then the footage stops in a dramatic burst of static. ‘The whereabouts of Maxwell Dillon, AKA Electro, at present is unknown. We don’t have the resources to commit to this while we are tidying up this embarrassing mess. That is where you come in. Find out who is behind this and why. Any questions? No, good. Our facilities here are at your disposal to carry out your investigations. For now I’m needed elsewhere.’ With that Maria turns and leaves.

Beast looked to his team. ‘Fascinating development don’t you think. Right what we need to do is learn what Electro is up to. Lets make use of the helicarrier while we can. Black Widow, I want you to see what you can learn from Shield agents. While Wolverine and Ms Marvel and Iron Fist question the prisoners. See what they know. Spiderman and myself will look over the records and see what we can find.’

‘I’m also going to try and create some way to detect electrical surges to Electro’s power level. See if we can locate him using such a device.’ Added Spiderman.

‘Remarkable, I will assist you on such a project Spiderman.’ Beast replied

The team left the briefing room to get to work.

The dim light of the questioning room cast an eerie glow over the interrogators. Wolverine leant against one wall slurping on a beer. Ironfist stood with his arms crossed looking on while Ms Marvel Paced back and forth asking questions to a prisoner cuffed to the table. ‘Look, I will ask you again, what do you know of the situation on the Raft prison? What’s the word on the street? Why did Electro disrupt the power? Co-operate and maybe I will put a good word in for you, see if we can get your sentence reduced. What do you say?’ She continued with little reply.

Suddenly the Ms Marvel was interrupted by the crunching of a beer can as it clattered across the interview rooms floor. The prisoner, still wearing the orange jump suit of a raft inmate, watched it bounce then skitter into the far corner. Then turn his gaze to Wolverine.

Wolverines face was covered by his mask, but his eyes glared at the prisoner daring him to make a move. ‘The way I see it Bub.’ He started, stepping towards the prisoner. ‘I’m here to interrogate you and drink beer.’

‘Question him’ Ms Marvel corrected.

‘… And I’m all out of beer.’ With a ‘shinkt’ his claws protruded and cut the cuffs. He retracted them and bodily lifted the prisoner against the wall.

‘Wolverine!’ Questioned Ms MArvel

Ironfist stood behind Wolverine to back Wolverine up. The prisoner’s eyes were wide and he began to sweat. Wolverine put his fist to the prisoners chin and let the two outer claws ‘snikt’ out to either side of the prisoners face. While the middle claw slowly pushed into the underside of the jaw. ‘Now, You was about to tell me why I shouldn’t end your worthless existence!’ He growled,

The prisoner told all he knew…

Hours later the Marvel Heroes returned to the briefing room. Beast and Spiderman had completed the device which was now sitting on the table in front of them all.

‘What have we learnt?’ Beast asked

Take a pull on his cigar and letting a blue/grey smoke curl up towards the aircon system Wolverine sat back with his feet up on the table. ‘The Interrogations went well fur ball. He spilled all he knew.’

‘Questioning, the questioning went well.’ Ms Marvel corrected

‘Call it what you like sister. Some hotshot called Brainchild has been asking in the past week or two about super villains with electrical or teleportation powers. The prisoner told us that he heard Electro jumped on that one before anyone else. Also while he was escaping he saw Electro in the Raft to break out one guy and one guy only—a psychic vampire named Sauron who’s based out of the Savage Land.’ Wolverine told the team.

Spiderman spoke up next, ‘While I was investigating Electro, you know we are best buddies right? No? Seriously! Anyways, Maxwell Dillon, AKA Electro, recently arranged for large sums of money to be transferred to Paris—but the sender of that money isn’t native to any country on record. I wasn’t able to follow the records or discover who was sending the money. Who ever it was, I would guess this Brainchild character, is making tracking him down difficult.’

‘Well, while I was asking around a few old acquaintances of mine. I learnt from sources in S.H.I.E.L.D. that there are mysterious anomalies between who the official records say was in the Raft and who actually was. The biggest anomaly connects to a S.H.I.E.L.D. outpost in Antarctica, just outside the Savage Land. Not coincidentally, one of the inmates of the Raft was a psychic vampire named Karl Lykos, AKA Sauron, who operates out of that part of the world.’ Looking over to Wolverine. ‘Which collaborates the prisoners information.’

‘Sure does Widow. Seems like something is going down in the Savage Lands.’ Wolverine replied.

‘Furthermore, I was thinking that the right amount of insider information and secrets would have been necessary for Electro to know what to do and how to do it. So I started digging around. The trail leads to said S.H.I.E.L.D. outpost in Antarctica that has “gone dark” in the past month or two—it’s no longer even listed in the primary active database.’ Black Widow leaned forward onto the table. ‘Something is off.’

Beast nodded, ‘It sure does Natasha. Good work everyone. It seems out next port of call is the Savage Lands. Head to this non-existent base and see what we shall discover.’

Without a moment’s delay they reported their findings to Maria Hill. They asked to borrow one of the S.H.I.E.L.D Jets. Maria didn’t like the idea but after some convincing she gave in after Beast had agreed to bring it back in one piece.


The team’s jet raced across the icy wastelands of Antarctica. But suddenly out of the endless white horizon rose a remarkable sight. A ring of large volcanic mountains shrouded in a thick fog. The Jets instruments began to go haywire. Ms Marvel called to the team. ‘Best buckle up ladies and gentlemen! We are in for a rough ride!’ The jet began to splutter but with precision skill Ms Marvel landed the jet into a clearing within a dense jungle!

‘A Jungle? Here in the Antarctic?’ Asked IronFist.

‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet bub’ Said Wolverine as he undone his harness and started to help Beast gather some survival gear.

They disembarked into the humid weather. The sounds of the jungles echoed about them. Strange cries from unknown beasts. They slapped away mosquitoes double the size of any they’ve seen before. But they were the least of their troubles. Crashing out of the Jungle and crushing the jet beneath its enormous clawed reptilian feet, causing it to explode and ignite the nearby trees. An enormous reptile creature, A Tyrannosaur! appeared in the smoke and flames, giving an almighty roar that sent tremors throughout their body.

Spiderman lept into a nearby tree that hadn’t caught on fire. ‘Whoah! I only just watched Jurassic World! Am I on a film set?!’ Firing his web shooters he bound the beast’s feet to the ground and wrapped it’s mouth shut.

The beast enraged began to shake its head back and forth trying to break the bonds.

Meanwhile Beast leapt into the air and onto it’s back…

*Wait a second! I think I will transcribe here an in game recollection of what was said!*


GM: Ok Beast it’s your go, what do you do. 5.. 4.

Beast: Right, I want to leap on it’s back.

GM Ok no troubles at all…

Beast: Oh .. I’m not finished… I want to beat it into submission…

*Comms goes deathly silent*

Beast: Err.. you there GM?

GM: You want to do what?!

Beast: Oh, Beat it into submission … I’m going to ride this bad boy through the jungle! It will be our transport to the Shield Base…

GM: Errr… What?! You want to beat the Tyrannosaur into submission?! …

Beast: Yep… *I could just see his proud little blue face*

GM: O…K…. You will have to make a Social Conflict over three rounds. But instead of social skills it will be your strength [Assisted by other players actions], versus the beasts Vigour! How’s that sound folks!

The Group: Yeah we’ve got this!

GM: *Banging head on desk…* I’ve got to write this up on the website!

The Group: Booya! we are gonna ride a tyrannosaur!


Suddenly out of the jungle, drawn in by the noise of the team beating the Tyrannosaur into submission. *GM shakes his disbelieving head…Why me?* a pack of Velociraptors charaged. Black widow jumped, spun , dove ducked, shoot her Widow’s stings, her pistols and kicked, She leapt from one to the next. Rolled beneath their snapping Jaws, while Spiderman offered assistance from about pinning them in place where he could. Ms Marvel suddenly swept down out of the sky. Punching two of the beasts clean out.

Meanwhile the Frustrating cries *and GM’s head banging of the table* could be heard echoeing throught hejungle as Wolverine and Ironfist aided Beast to subdue the titanic beast!

Moments later the raptors were dealt with the team were aboard their new reptilian transport racing through the jungle with Ms Marvel flying nearby…

Hulk on a T-Rex If it’s good enough for the Hulk it’s good enough for Marvel Heroes!






… To be continued on the 18th July 2015

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